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Thread: African American moms with boys!

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    Exclamation African American moms with boys!

    Or anyone else who has expirence with ethinic hair!

    My little 6 month old boy has a head and a half worth of hair on his head! It looks so wild! I'm letting it grow until I get it cornrowed when he is older. I love babies with little poofy fros. my question!

    We are getting family pictures made soon and I want his hair to look less frizzy and more...'curly'. What product could I use in his hair to make it look like that?

    No chemicals or anything like that. Just something to make it look more tamed than it is. I've heard baby oil but is there anything else less greasy?

    Thanks =)
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    what about some kind of a pomade or wax??? i have no idea. no experience with that hair type
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    My sister used to do foster care and one of the boys she was adopting (he died ) she used to use this stuff she called blue goo on his hair to keep it moisturized and not too frizzy. It was suggested to her by the teenage black girls she fostered as well. They thought her how to care for ethnic hair since we don't have any personal experience with it on ourselves .
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    I'd use baby lotion and spritz water to brush through.
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    Natural Hair Care for Kids and Children - Carol's Daughter

    my mom and sister use it, it works miracles!
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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I'll look into them all =)
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    Carols daughter has the new princess tiana line but it can be used for boys to
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    A product called "mixed chicks" is great and also sometime after i wash and condition the hair, I leave some conditioner in the hair and it keeps the curls

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