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Thread: Night time coughing?

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    Help Night time coughing?

    Im calling his doctor in the morning, but I cant seem to get Carter comfortable.

    Just today I started getting sinus pain and a small cough, and he started coughing today too. So Im assuming we probably have the same thing so Ive been taking him in the shower with me so the steam can help.

    I have a humidifer in his room and I just put some baby vicks on his chest, but he keeps waking himself up coughing

    Im not sure what to do. Hes tired and falls asleep easy but then wakes up coughing and restless.

    What can I do to make him comfortable in the meantime?
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    I'm not sure how old your son is but try to elevate his head - maybe see if he'd be more comfortable in a swing or a bouncer, or you could try putting a small pillow under the crib mattress so one side is slightly elevated. Hope he feels better and is able to sleep soon!
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    baby advil? i hate giving meds but i know when the baby i nanny had crup we had to give her that at night.

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