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Thread: how to give a baby a haircut?

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    how to give a baby a haircut?

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    My sister would take buzzers to my nephews hair to even it out when it wasn't growing in right.
    Personally for me, I'd just take him a salon because I'm scared to do that kind of stuff by myself.
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    I do it while he is sleeping.
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    We dont do haircuts until the first birthday...

    But if its bothering you, I would do it while he is sleeping... Have Dh hold him while he is asleep and snip.. Just go buy haircut scissors at the store, they are like 15$.
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    Well if he's only 2 weeks old then his hair will probably start falling out sooner or later. Then he will grow new hair. That sometimes happens with newborns I hear. But if you wanna cut it then go for it.
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    If it were me, I wouldn't cut it. A lot of it will probably fall out soon.
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    My personal opinion is to not cut a child's hair until at least 1 year of age.
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    I wouldn't cut it, DS was born with a mass of black hair which gradually over the weeks got less and less.
    I don't think he had a hair cut till after he turned one.
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    We don't cut hair here. For Liam, he'll be at least one before we do it, and with Reagan I have no intention of cutting her hair anytime soon. I like it long.
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    DS was born with a head full of hair too but I do the wait til they're one thing.. with DD I'm waiting til she's old enough to make her own desicion whether to have long or short hair

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