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Thread: transitioning to one nap

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    deployment #2: 1 month down!
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    Question transitioning to one nap

    This morning I was keeping Matt up because I was having a prospective buyer for my car coming over. He seemed to do pretty well. He started getting cranky right before lunch (right before noon). So I just fed him and laid him down for a nap after that. So, I'm thinking he might be ready to start just taking one nap. What age was your LO when they started taking just one napy a day?
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    Lo has been on one nap for about a month i guess
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    Reagan went to one nap a day around 9 months.
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    i'd say he was about 10 or 11 months...and even then, every once in awhile, he just wouldn't nap at all, all day long. he would just hang out in his crib and play. he still takes one nap a day...for about 1.5-2 hours around 2 pm.
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    I was a GREAT mom... until I had kids.
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    Alexis was about 7/8 months and she would nap at 1pm(right after lunchtime) for about 2 hours or so, then be good til bedtime. It was nice, cause that's the time my shows would come on.

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    not till after 2 year old do I get rid of the morning nap. My kids also start with AT LEAST 3 naps a day. Until at least 6 months they're down every 2 hours for naps.
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    At day care we started getting them to nap only once when they turned one that gave us till they were 16 months to get them ready to head to the toddler room
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