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Thread: Water Retension. . . .

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    Question Water Retension. . . .

    How long does it take for it to go away? It's been nearly 2 weeks since my c-section and while I finally can see my ankles again, I still cannot put on my wedding band or engagement ring? Is it possible for your fingers to 'expand' permanently?
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    I am not sure about your fingers. I have heard it about your feet though. I would ask your doctor. I was swollen for a couple weeks but they said that was because of the pitocin.
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    i lost the water weight and swelling by the first week. but i def. did not lose the baby fat that fast! i think it varies mom to mom. if you're concerned about adema or anything like that, i'd talk to your gynecologist. you could always call instead of waiting until the 6 week postpartum appt....
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    i lost a lot of water weight in the few days after giving birth and id say its all gone now at 2 weeks. my wedding band fits normal now. i have heard your feet can get bigger though permanently and ive had a hard time putting on some pumps of mine.

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