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Thread: first baby

  1. Mommy to a Princess
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    I had a c-section and bleed for 2 weeks
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    I bled for about 5 weeks (thought it tapered off at about 3 weeks PP and was just some spotting for the last 2), and have yet to get my period.
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    With DS, I bled for about 3-4 weeks after I had him. With DD, it was around 2 weeks I think? I had C-sections both times. My normal periods returned when DS was about 8 weeks old (I only BF the first 3 weeks). With DD, it was about 11 weeks (I got an IUD put in at 8 weeks PP).
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    I bled for about 2 weeks after I had DS then I didnt have a period for about 3 months after that. so DS was about 14 weeks old before I started a regular cycle after having him.
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    i had vaginal but i just recently stopped bleeding. i bled for about 2 weeks. it was never heavy thouh, it was really light.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DianeS View Post
    I had a c-section and bleed for 2 weeks
    Same here, i bleed heavy the first 4-5days after that it was normal and then gone lol.
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    All my kids were natural. I bled 2ish weeks with the first, 4 weeks with the second and third. I can't remember when I got my period the first time. The second time I got an IUD when my daughter was 10 months. I hadn't had a period yet and didn't get one until I got the IUD out 5 years later. Right now my baby daughter is 4 months and I haven't had a period yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ezramedic View Post
    I had a c-section, and I bled for (please don't kill me, ladies) 10 days.
    I exclusively breast fed, and had some break-through bleeding (but not really a period) at 6 weeks. And then no period until he was 6 months old (when he started to nurse less due to the introduction of solids)
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    I didn't have a c-section but I bled for about 7 weeks before it finally stopped. I had my first period about 6 weeks later and have had pretty regular cycles ever since.
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    I just got my first pp period last week. My son is 15 months old.
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