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Thread: I'm in trouble.. ideas?

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    I'm in trouble.. ideas?

    So DS has been horrible with naps during the day.. most of the time because of his crazy active loud toddler sister and our house being so tiny. Anyway yesterday he woke up for the day at 8am and took one 2.5 hour nap and was in bed by 9. Then today he was up at 7am and took one 3 hour nap and was falling asleep at 7pm and I put him in bed at 745 and he was out. I can't wait to see what kind of night I'm in for with him falling asleep so early. Any ideas or suggustions? I just don't want him getting confused from going to bed so early and thinking 3-4am is time to get up for the day.

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    He should be ok... You may get lucky..My kids get up between 8-9am (unless they are having a very off day)... it doesn't matter if they go to bed at 8 or 11.... I hope he sleeps good for you!
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