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Thread: Will the Dr. give me a hard time?

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    Will the Dr. give me a hard time?

    Is 5 hours too long for Gracie to go without nursing at night? When I was BF'ing Zayne and he went 7 hours at night at 2 weeks old the pedi threw a fit saying he couldn't go that long without nursing at that age... so is 5 hours too long too?

    Gracie has went 4 - 5 hours a few times now and I don't really want to wake her up to nurse if she's sleeping good at night. She poops and pees CONSTANTLY during the day, so she has got to be getting enough BM from me during the day!
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    I nursed on demand, so if he wasn't awake wanting it, I wasn't giving it to him. He never went 5 hours between a feeding when he was that little, though. But, he gained weight like a champ and there were never any problems. I think he nursed every 2-3 hours.
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    I was told that in the first two weeks, you want to feed every two to three hours but having a longer 5-6 hour stretch is okay once a day.... and that is just for the first two weeks to establish your supply... otherwise if you are feeding on demand, it shouldn't matter.
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    Not sure if they will say anything but I wouldn't wake her. As long as your supply is established you should be fine.
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    I never woke Matt up at night to eat. I just let him sleep until he decided he was hungry. I fed him every two hours during the day though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brittany Rashel View Post
    I never woke Matt up at night to eat. I just let him sleep until he decided he was hungry. I fed him every two hours during the day though.
    Honestly, as long as she's healthy and not showing signs of malnutrition, doing what Brittney did is usually ok, so I can't see a problem with five hours
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    My son was a beast, big boy and ate constantly. But at night, even at like 3-4 weeks old, he started sleeping at least 5 hours between feedings. Only at night. He would cluster feed for like 2 hours straight before bedtime. I know my peds doctor gave me a funny look but in my opinion, if the kid was hungry, he'd wake up.
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    My doctor gave me a real hard time about it. I shouldnt have gone more than 4 hours according to the pedi.

    But, I nursed him every 2 hours during the day and let him do his own thing at night.
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    i do what my mom did & Told me. if the baby is hungry he/she will let you know. if she's sleeping than why wake her up? if she gets hungry she'll be the one waking you up! lol riley was sleeping 9 hrs a night @ a month old!! she was sleeping about 5-6 & 2 weeks.
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    I would wake Giovanni up cause he was having a hard time gaining his weight back up due to him being yellow at first and I think like at 6 weeks the dr told me not to wake him up at night. I saw heaven when she said that since I was barely getting any sleep. I called the lactation consultant cause for some reason I didn't feel comfortable not waking him up and the LC told me to let him sleep but to not go over 5hrs without feeding him.
    Gio still wakes up every 3-4 hrs to eat.
    Personally if she seems to be eating well and gaining weigh with no troubles I would let her sleep.
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