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Thread: Habit Vs. Hunger?

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    Habit Vs. Hunger?

    My LO isn't sleeping through the night yet. He's 6 1/2 months old so it sucks that he isn't sleeping through the night but I realize all babies are different. But I've been noticing over the past several weeks that his sleeping habits have changed. He used to only get up once, around 5 am ish. But now he's getting up consistently twice during the night. I can bank on an 11-11:30 pm wake up and a 4:30-5:30 am wake up. It doesn't bother me if he wakes up to eat, but I feel like he's getting up out of habit now. he just got up, and was only awake for 10 minutes maybe and ate less than an ounce, probably not even half an ounce. It's like that most nights at his 11 pm feeding, his 4 am one he usually eats though. Like I said I don't mind if he gets up to eat, but I don't want him getting up in the middle of the night just out of habit, kwim? I don't know at this age what I should do? If I just get up with him anyways or try another approach and what approach would that be? (Note: I've tried patting him back to sleep and it doesn't work well. Once he's awake and screaming he wants a bottle.. I'm not sure how to break that either. It's like he thinks just because he's awake he needs a bottle...)

    Could this be becuase of his night-time routine? He almost always falls asleep while he's eating at night... I'm not sure how to break that habit because he refuses to eat until he's ready to go to sleep... help...

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    My son's only 2 1/2 months but I can offer advice. You can try just keeping him up a half hour later than usual. Our nightly routine is to keep him up at least three hours before bedtime. If he sleeps a lot in the after noon I just make sure he's been up three hours before I get ready for bed, then I also know he'll be hungry. So I bathe, feed, and swaddle, and that helps a lot!
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    It's really normal for a lot of night-waking at that age. My LO is 5.5 mo and just started that too, only she nurses.

    Why do babies wake at night?
    Babies wake at night for many reasons, and they often start waking at night after sleeping through for a few months. Some of the reasons for night waking (in no particular order) are:

    baby wants more time with mom
    developmental advances (for example: waking more often right before or after learning to turn over, crawl or talk)
    illness, allergy, diaper rash, eczema
    hunger (including growth spurts)
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    Carter stopped sleeping through the night too

    Instead of offering the bottle at the feeding that hes only eating an ounce, try rocking him maybe? Carter has a mobile that lights up, and if he wakes up and I know hes not hungry (like if he wakes up right after he gets to bed and has just eaten) I can usually get away with turning on the mobile for him. He might fuss a couple minutes but he'll be right back out.
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    binky = my best friend.

    Alexis did this too.. woke up at 1 just out of habit until she was 9/10 months old. Instead of offering the bottle, offer the binky.

    Hope it helps!

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