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Thread: Sleep Sacks?

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    Sleep Sacks?

    I have bought two of these sleep sacks from you ladies use these?

    My baby will be born in February so I will need to have him covered. Did you swaddle more at night at first still contemplating on getting a XS for him.

    Thanks for your input.
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    We used the sleepers that had the drawstrings on the bottom with our first. Miss placed them but loved them. I liked the ones that way because you didn't have to undress them and get them all cold.
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    I had one of those but DS hated it & so I used the heck out of these: Boy 2 pk Snap Front Gown It gave him a little more freedom when he woke up, was easier to change his diaper and made it possible to swaddle him- the only way he would sleep.
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    Carter needs to sleep in sleep sacks. Before he was in them I would come in the room and his head would be at the opposite end of the bed under the covers, or he would kick all the covers off and wake up cold. I use fleece sleep sacks with arms and he stays nice and cozy, no matter where in the bed he ends up
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    Zayne sleeps in a sleep sack every night. =) He likes to be warm but HATES swaddlers so I bought him sleep sacks.
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    We used the sleep sacks when they got a little bigger, I think around 3 months or so.
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    Bella hated them. We used fleece sleepers when she was born (in Feb). But we live in Florida, lol. I would bundle. She also wouldn't keep those hand mits on. She likes her freedom I think.
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    Yep love those sleepers, i don't swaddle so those are perfect.
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    I absolutely LOVE sleep sacks!! Lee slept in them from night one b/c he was born in November. John Duncan started sleeping in them at about 6 months, but he was born in April. They slept/sleep very well in them.

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