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Thread: Weaning himself off of formula

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    Question Weaning himself off of formula

    I've been pretty MIA lately because DH has been on pre-deployment leave and I'll probably continue to not be around too much for the next few weeks while we try to get everything wrapped up before and after he leaves. But I do have a quick question.

    Lately, Matt has had very little interest in his formula. I was giving him 4 six oz bottles a day (durning breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bed.) Lately I'm lucky if I can get him to eat 3 six oz bottles and sometimes he'll only take 4 or 5 ozs in a sitting. He eats plenty of solids (after his bottle) so I know it isn't that he's getting full. He just doesn't want the formula anymore. He generally has about 4 or 5 wet diapers a day. Is it normal for him to only want to eat about 18 oz or so a day?
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    I asked my sister and she said yes. He's almost a year old and he'll be on just solids soon.
    He's starting to learn that the solids probably taste better and he wants more of them and less formula.

    ETA And in 2 months time he'll be ready for regular whole milk in place of formula.


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    Totally normal. DS was completely done with formula by 11 months. He just wasn't interested. So long as his weight is where it needs to be and he's eating solids, he'll be fine if he doesn't have it anymore. Although a lot of people will say he HAS to have it until a year. Do what you feel is right as his mother.
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    Carter did this around 10 months, he wanted nothing to do with it so thats when we started weaning off bottles all together and started giving him milk in his sippy cups

    I think its normal!
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    Yep. That is about what DS was drinking at that age.
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    Sounds exactly like Wesley. He was DONE with bottle by about 10 1/2 months.
    He still only has about one sippy of cow's milk a day, which I worry a little about - but he eats yoghurt and cheese and drinks LOTS of water, so...
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    Emma drank less formula around 18-20 oz a day..As long as he is getting enough solids I don't see anything wrong.

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