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Thread: OH my hair!!

  1. mare0124
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    OH my hair!!

    Last month,my hair started to fall off sooo much. My daughter was 3 months at that time. It's been a month of non-stop hair everywhere. I feel like im going to go bald soon. I don't know what to do. Someone recommended Biotin but i've been taking it for 3 weeks and haven't noticed any difference. Did anyone experience this after giving birth? How long did it last and were you able to do anything about it?


  2. Senior Member
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    Keep taking your prenatal vitamins.
  3. Dez
    Destiny <3
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    Keep up with the prenatals and the biotin...I was having some hair issues before my pregnancy and I started taking took about a month for me to see any difference. I quit taking the biotin when I got preggo and plan on taking it after I deliver. Biotin is awesome! Just give it a little longer and hopefully you will see results. If it can always get in touch with your Dr. and see what they recommend
  4. Mommy to a Princess
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    My hair is doing the same thing! I have no idea what to do about it and its driving me crazy because there is hair all over my bathroom now.
  5. I'm Awesome
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    It's normal. When your pregnant most woman's hair falls out much less and gets thicker and after the baby is born all of that extra hair falls out. Has happened to me every time and I never went bald .
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    I still have this problem and it drives me nuts. It is everywhere!

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    Same here! Luckily I have A LOT of hair so I'm not worried about losing some.

  8. Hooked on the sauce
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    I had to UNCLOG my drain 3+ times in about a month because it was completely jam-packed with hair. I would run my fingers through it and have 10 strands attached to my fingers. I'd pull a ponytail holder out and I swear half my hair came with it.

    It took about a month (I think I was around 3-4 months post-partum) for all the hair to finally figure out if it was staying or going. I took nothing. Just regular shampoo/conditioner and a brush. Never took any vitamins...I just let it run its course.

    Almost 6 months post-partum and I'm fine!
  9. Miss Puerto Rico
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    I'm in the same boat but I don't worry a bit about it. I have so much hair I could make 3 wigs out of it.
  10. Account Closed
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    Meeee too!! It's driving me crazy.
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