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Thread: PP Bleeding Questions (TMI read at your own risk)

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    Question PP Bleeding Questions (TMI read at your own risk)

    So I know I only had lil man 4 days ago and he was a big 9lb baby but I don't ever remember bleeding this bad after DD. I had like 3 HUGE (like prune sized) clots come out today and yesterday after just changing my pad I felt a big gush and there was blood all the way down my pants and leg. I know bleeding is normal after giving birth I'm just worried I'm losing a lot of blood and with DD I never even came close to bleeding this much. Should I call my dr. or just give my body time to heal on it's own a couple more days...

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    I don't know if it's normal, but I bled really badly like that as well. But I also (before baby) had super heavy periods with lots of clots.. So I'm not sure.
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    I bled pretty heavily. About the amount that you say. But like everything, if you are concerned call your Dr. There is no such thing as a stupid question.
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    When I had my daughter 5 weeks ago they said if you bleed one pad in an hr to call and if you passed clots larger then a golf ball!! I would give them a call and just let them know!
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    Question: With your little one so little, how much time to you spend sitting or lying down? The clots will be bigger if you aren't up and about more (ETA: This is from my own personal experience and what the nurse told me when it was brought up to her. ). But, when in doubt, always ask your doctor. Better safe than sorry imo, and a phone call doesn't cost much.
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    I believe they say that if you see blood clots bigger than a quarter to go in to get checked. At the very least I would call L&D and ask them. Better safe than sorry
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    better safe than sorry.
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    In my experience, everything increases with each child. I bled more and had really bad afterbirth pains with my daughter that I never had with my son.
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    I was told clots bigger than about a quarter you should call. I would DEFINITELY be calling my doctor. Those are some monstorous clots.
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    Bigger than a quarter and more than a pad an hour is time to call the Dr. Even if it isn't quite that bad it never hurts to call if you are worried!
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