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Thread: going back to work

  1. Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta
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    Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta
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    Question going back to work

    my return day is creeping up on me!

    i have mixed feelings. i want to return to some normalcy, including my job. but, i'm terrified. what if she doesn't sleep and i have to go to work on 2 hours of sleep everyday? i'm sure it's going to be emotionally difficult to leave her in the morning as well. my consolation is that she will be with dh most of the time. we only have daycare part-time (only a couple of hours 4 days a week).

    but, on the other hand, does it make me a bad mom that i want to return to work? i'm probably insane, but i have been doing some work from home during my maternity leave. i just dont want to fall too far behind. i was sending emails from my blackberry from the hospital

    if you've been through it, what were some of your feelings and how did you get through the transition in the first week or so?
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    deployment #2: 1 month down!
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    I wanted to go back to work too. I still do. I drive myself crazy being a SAHM. Good luck at the transition!

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