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Thread: Falling Asleep While She's Nursing

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    Falling Asleep While She's Nursing

    Do you have this same problem?

    I feel awful. She wakes up about 330am and starts to nurse but I fall asleep like 10 min later. Then I wake up about 5 and she's asleep in my arms and my boob is still all out and exposed

    Am I wrong to let this happen?

    Should I be trying to do something to keep me busy/awake while she eats?


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    That's happened to me with all of my kids, I still do it with Aiden and he's 13 months old
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    I still do it. That is why we co-sleep.
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    What I did was once we started to transition Bella to the crib at night was to read a book not child related while she nursed. I have a rocking chair in her room and still every night when she needs to eat, I read while she nurses. Usually by 3-4am, I just bring her to bed with me and we co-sleep the rest of the night.

    It's only a problem if you are uncomfortable with it.
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    we are in va beach.
    I wouldn't feel bad. She obviously got enough if she's sleeping when you wake up!
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    We do it every night if I talk to dh then she goes in her bed but if I'm super tired we just go to sleep it's not Till 330 4am and she still will sleep in her crib most of the night we just co sleep most nights when she wakes up
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    I used to turn on the tv to keep myself awake.
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    I praised God when I got to the point that I could do that. It pretty much meant the end of the sleep deprivation period. we coslept, too, and once we got the nursing while sleeping thing down, we all were much happier people!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brittany Rashel View Post
    I used to turn on the tv to keep myself awake.
    That's what I DD & I both prefer to sleep with a television on. It worked most of the time. I also co-slept until DD decided to wean herself...made it much easier.

    I was always scared pantsless when it would happen because my boobs are ginormous. I was always afraid that she'd smother if I didn't hold the "excess" out of the way...can't do that while I'm sleeping. So, I quickly learned how to maneuver a bra so it would hold my boob up in the case that I fell asleep. From that point, she was more than welcome to fall asleep on the boob.
    Unfortunately, because I did this, I spent the better part of 6 months sleeping reclined in a chaise lounge. That was okay with me. Whatever made her happy.
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    there are times I wake up with my boob out and dont even remember waking up to nursing her. Thank goodness for co-sleeping.
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