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Thread: Mom's with Boys

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    Mom's with Boys

    I am wondering what size clothing should I stalk up on?

    How long will I really be using "newborn" size with a boy?

    Thank You
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    I didnt have ANY newborn, I had all 0-3 and up. He was born 7 pounds 3 ounces and he was swimming in the 0-3. I had to buy a pack of newborn onsies FAST

    One 5 pack of newborn onsies and 2 pairs of pants to swap out of was all we needed before 0-3 fit him.
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    Wes was in newborn for all of about 2 weeks. He's almost 5 months old and has been in (and I think will stay in for a while) 6-9 month clothes for a while.

    Gerber clothes seem to run VERY small for my kid. Carters and Circo brand are awesome.

    I bought alot of the zip-up footie sleepnplays (the snappy ones are ok but GOSH they take forever!). Now that he's older, I buy alot of pants and shirts (he's got a long torso so he can't do much with onesies).
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    I would have a pack of onesies, three pairs of pants, three sleepers
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    A few weeks.

    He was 8 lbs 6 oz and his 0-3 months were huge on him.
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    Lo wore newborn for about a month and a half if i remember right, maybe longer. but since then he's been flying through the sizes.
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    My lil man wore newborn for a month and a half! The onesies I could get away with sometimes, but most of them were all wayy to big - but I just had like 2 pairs of pajamas , a couple onesies, and then some comfy pants that matched all the onesies and we made it through

    C has actually been like right on cue with the sizes which I hear is unusual, he wore 0-3 months until 4 months, 3-6 and 6-9 until almost 10 months (even when he was wearing 6-9 I could fit him into the 3-6) and 12 months right now..... Just have some of each size and play it by ear
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    Gender really doesn't play a part until they are a little older. With ANY baby I suggest getting maybe 2 or 3 NB outfits because Matt was out of those by two weeks old. After that he pretty much stuck to the sizes. He was in 0-3 until 3 months, 3-6 until 6 months, etc.
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    J was in newborn clothes until he was 6-8 wks. Then went to 0-3 month until he was about 5 months, He was 6lb 14 oz at birth!
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    my son was 8lbs 8oz at birth and newborn was swimmning on him too. he doesn't gain weight very fast so we're still in 6-9month shirts and 9-12month pants now and he's 13 months. even then the pants are too big in teh waist but he needs the length.
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