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Thread: oh yay! BF'ing and teeth

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    oh yay! BF'ing and teeth

    DD got her bottom teeth in over the weekend and now she is learning to nurse with them!

    Last night every time she would bit, I would jump and say ouch loud. Every time she would into this loud cry like I just killed her puppy or something.

    Oh the joys of breastfeeding. Now I have a fear of nursing her at night while I am sleep, and be waken by my nipple being bitten off.
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    and that is why I would not bf after a month! Actually with ds, I only could do a week, had issues lactating and with dd, she liked bottle over nipple. To tell the truth, me too! She gave me blisters with how hard she would latch on!
    Good luck keeping your nipples attached! You could try and introduce a nipple shield if you want. Used it with dd, saved my poor abused nipples!
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    So not looking forward to that!! It is now and he already plays with it like if it was a toy! Sometimes he grabs it with his gums and take it with him everywhere he turns his face I think it's pretty funny, just wait till he gets his teeths
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    Carter has his 2 bottom teeth, hes chomped me a few times. Hes broken the skin twice. I scream when he does it, then he gets scared, then hes crying and Im mad. Its so fun!!!
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    That's when I say thank god we use a shield. I couldn't ever get her to latch without it , so I figured it's better with it then to only ff. At least mine will have some protection sorry about your nipples I hope they survive!
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    OMG I rememer that. My dd bit the $hit out of me (drawing blood!) and I screamed so loud and scared the poor thing. I felt so bad but OMG I have NEVER felt pain like that.

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