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Thread: Hes eating 5oz

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    Hes eating 5oz

    every 3 hours. Sometimes closer to 6oz and sometimes closer to 4ozs no less then that though. And sometimes its two hours and sometimes 4 hours. This just doesnt seem right. he is only a week old. But he cries and cries and cries until someone gets him more milk. Has anyone else had this happen?? I'm concerned he is eating to much.
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    If he is not spitting it up and he seems to be doing fine with the 5 or 6 ounces. I would say feed him. Some babies are just like that. I have a cousin who came home eating 8 ounces.

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    Thing I've learned with Spawn... doesn't matter how much she's eating (in one sitting) as long as she keeps eating and growing.

    He knows how much to eat... there's never a thing of "eating too much" when it comes to babies.

    At least he's eating a good amount. When Spawn was a tiny bebe, I'd get yelled at because she was only eating 2/3 oz. at a time... of course, she was eating every hour or so.

    He's okay. Just keep giving him food until he's not hungry anymore. He'll let you know when.
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    Babies eat as much as they need to. If they spit up, then they got too much. Their little instinct to STOP when full is still intact (something that we lose as we get older, sadly enough)

    I'm sure he's eating what he's supposed to, mama. My DD2 drank down 4 ounces in the first hour she was alive. The nurse kept telling me that she was going to spit it up everywhere but she never did. Turned out the booger was just as hungry as I was.

    Good luck!!
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    Don't worry, he knows when he is full.
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    I agree. If he's not spitting up, let him eat. DD was a pig like that too!
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    Just let him eat what he wants, as long as he is not spitting up.

    a friend of mine son came home drinking 5oz
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    They don't know what overeating is.. they just eat until they are full! Nothing to worry about! He's just a hungry little man!

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    see, i was told differently, i was told not to feed her over 4 oz (32 oz a day) that it would expand her stomach and it could lead to child obesity.

    to me, that just seems like A LOT for a week old to be eating. emi was eating 4 oz every 4 hours
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    I know how you feel.... I hate to say it but my son is a little piglet... he eats sooo much all the time and will scream til he can't breathe if I dont give him more (he is 6 weeks). He was born 3 weeks early but is now HUGE! not fat or anything just looks like he is going to be very very tall (looks like he is older than he is). The pedi said I am feeding him too much and should feed him 3oz every 3-4 hours. My son will not accept that. He breastfeeds so much that I end up having to give him a bottle til my body can produce more milk... he taps me out....

    ALAS I agree with everyone saying as long as he is not spitting up don't starve em...
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