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Thread: Thank Nik for the welcome

  1. Nikolai is here!!
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    Nikolai is here!!
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    Screwy Thank Nik for the welcome

    I feel like last night I offically recieved my welcome to motherhood from Nikolai. I got up at 2am to feed him. SO I changed him, then started to feed him. Wouldnt you know he pooped as I was feeding him. No problem, I decided to change him after he was done eating. So I take off the swaddle and he had blown out the side of his diaper. And of course was all over his clothes and him all the way up his chest. I have no clue how he did that.

    Then at 430 when I woke up to feed him again. I changed him since my little DQ wont eat with a dirty diaper usually then sat down to feed him. No problems there. He ate like the little piggy he is. Then I go to change him again since he has another dirty diaper.... After I was all done and about to put the diaper on he pees... All over himself and me. Thankfully he wasnt crying when he peed because it did get on his face.

    So this morning I have two really dirty onsies, one poopy swaddle, dirty changing table cover, a peed on paci, and I now very clean sponge bathed really addorable little piggy.

    Thanks Nik
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    but hes so cute

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