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Thread: If a babysitter is there during dinner time....

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    Quote Originally Posted by erickson007 View Post
    I think a frozen pizza is a great idea!
    I would just call and ask what their favorite topping is. (If there is a Papa Murphy's Pizza near you, I would go with that!)
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    I would either have something prepared or a frozen meal or pizza in the freezer

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    I would make sure the fridge and pantry are FULL or leave about $20 for takeout.
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    Every time I babysat and it was over dinner, the family left a frozen pizza. Their oldest son was old enough to eat that, so we shared it.

    I have never been left money for dinner, and I wouldn't leave it for someone else.
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    I dont think I was ever bought dinner when I babysat, usually they said help yourself to fridge and cupboards. Otherwise your paying at least double to have them babysit....
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    I usually just eat what the kids eat. I wouldn't want to order pizza. But I'm shy and always make DH order over the phone.
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    i still babysit on occasion and the family always has leftovers of something. but i ALWAYS eat before. that's just how i roll
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    I have always said that if they find it, they can eat it. Food is the one thing that I have plenty of so if they eat it wont break us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by amazinggrace View Post
    I would leave pizza money.

    Yep.... I agree!

    I love my boys! Oorah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaky View Post
    When I baby sat when I was a teenager I was never fed A snack, sure but not a meal. I made sure I ate before getting there and after.
    I don't recall being fed either. I was always offered to eat whatever was in the house.

    When my older kids were younger and we'd have a babysitter I'd make dinner for both kids and her and have it hot when she got there. I'd probably do the same thing now if I was to have a sitter.
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