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Thread: abdominal muscles still sore??

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    abdominal muscles still sore??

    I was in labor 4 hours 20 minutes and didnt push for long, I had a second degree tear. My body is still sore and baby is almost 2 weeks old.. I mean I can walk but my abdominal mucsles are just sore when I try to get up from lying or sitting. just ready to get back to normal
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    Mine are still sore sometimes but I had a C/S
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    I think I had abdominal pain for just 4-5 days, but that was the cramping from the uterus going back to normal. I was in labor for about 11 hours and pushed for an hour and half. I hope you get back to normal soon.

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    I was in pain for at least two weeks with this last one.. My uterus had to cramp real hard to get back to it's regular size.. My OB said that it hurts worse the more kids you have. She was nice about it, and let me be on Vicodin for 3 weeks.

    Did you call your OB?

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