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Thread: nervous about MIL visiting

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    Neutral nervous about MIL visiting

    my MIL is coming to visit & help with the baby today until friday. at first i really wanted her help, but now im getting nervous. we've had a few days since my mom left to do it on our own and we've faired well.

    im afraid she's going to have many opinions. she's going to think i dress her like a boy, that im breastfeeding wrong, that she's too fussy (instead of being this perfect little cooing baby that she's envisioning)... based on conversations, i think she forgets what newborns are like

    just a mini freakout as im awaiting her arrival.
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    I hated worrying about other people judging my mommy skills when DS was newborn. I just let comments roll of my back. She had babies too, she should know that not all babies are cooing and cuddly all the time!
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    Just keep on telling yourself she's leaving and smile. LOL

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