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Thread: what temp should we keep home for newborn?

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    what temp should we keep home for newborn?

    Not a new mom but feel like it lol.. I try to keep the house at 75 but its cold to me.. I read that house shouldnt be to warm. He feels pretty ok in a onsie and socks at this temp???/
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    My house is usually 68, and hes fine in whatever we put him.
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    I keep my house at about 71. If you feel comfortable then the baby should be fine. If you feel cold, put more clothes on the baby too.
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    We keep our house around 75 summer and 72 winter. We don't keep it hot or too cold. You just put on an extra layer then what you have on. If baby is sweating, take off clothes.
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    We keep our house cold year round, 68 in the summer but usually our a/c cant get it cooler than 76 and I have the heat come on if it gets below 65 in the winter. I just dress them a lil warmer in the winter, I always heard it's better being a little colder too because germs thrive in warm conditions. I I just prefer being cooler and I read cooler temps help reduce the risk of SIDS

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    I've been told that 77 is a good should be wearing one more layer than what you are comfortable wearing. I keep my house @ 78 and she wears a sleeper at night plus a 'SwaddleMe' sac and she's fine. Just feel your baby's cheecks and hands and judge from there. Every baby is different so just keep that in mind

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    Spawn would always kick her blanket(s) off (still does) and we keep the bedroom at 68... the living room, eh, who knows. But at night, she'd get cold, so we always try to keep socks/blankets on her.

    But she loves to have her toes cold so we kinda gave up.
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    we keep our house pretty cool.
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    I keep my house at 65 in the winter, but they advised me to keep it at 68 when I brought the baby home.
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    I keep the house at 78-79 during the day and sometimes just turn on a fan and he wears a tank top or just a shirt and his diaper when we are home.
    At night we set the AC to 72 and he wears his footed PJ's and a thin blankie.

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