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Thread: I feel bad.

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    I feel bad.

    I couldnt get Carter to bed, so I let him cry it out. Exactly 20 minutes later hes fast asleep. Im glad it worked, but I dont believe in CIO so Im not sure why I did it. I told myself I was only gonna try it for 20 minutes, and its like he knew, because the second 20 minutes was up and I stood up he stopped crying
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    Aw, a little crying never hurt a baby. When Matt gets like that I'll let him CIO. I sit outside his door and watch the clock. I go back in at 15 minutes, put the paci in his mouth, cover him up and make the soft "shushing" noice. I normally only have to go in once. I know how hard it is though. I have a mental battle with myself everytime I let him CIO.
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    You did the right thing... even if he had to CIO for a bit, mommys need to just walk away sometimes.
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    DS has the same timer- he usually stops at 19 minutes though. I guess he realized that mommy isn't into being pushed to her limit
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    Tonight, tell him it will only be 1 minute
    I feel bad when G cries even if it's for a minute Thank God I'm getting the hang of his schedule and we are working it together.
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    don't feel bad babies cry; it's not like you ignored him for hours or neglected to feed him
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    It won't hurt him to cry for a little bit.

    I started doing it with both ds and dd when they were five months old. I let dd cry for 10 minutes then go on and comfort. Then 10 minutes more, comfort again. Most times it take no more then two rounds.

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    Don't feel bad. It's almost like he did it just so you'd have to get up

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    i've done it with our oldest. i started about the same time that you did. he only cried it out maybe a handful of times before he stopped crying when i put him down.
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    It is soooo hard, but after 3 or 4 nights, he will learn to go to bed on his own. It took me a long time to be able to let DS cry, but I think the few rough nights were worth it. He is now able to go to sleep on his own, and he knows that bed time it bed time.
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