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Thread: Another trip to the ER

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    Sad Another trip to the ER

    We just got home. From the time we left until the time we got back was 6 1/2 hours.

    I had been told on Friday to bring him back if he got worse. Well all of today... well, yesterday since it's 5 am now... he was really groggy (I think I spelled that wrong but I'm too tired to look up how to spell it) and very out of it. Not to mention that he had a fever all day still. He wasn't really worse but I had this gut feeling that it was more than just a virus. So I took him back in at 10:30 pm. The doctor that saw Matt on Friday was there and kept saying that he still looked and acted fine, I swear Matt puts on an act in front of the docs. He'll be acting sick all day and when we get to see a doctor he's fine. So I'm thinking "great, now this doctor thinks I'm paranoid" which was very obvious by the skepitical look on his face. Luckily, a different doctor did his work up. She said since he had diarhea she wanted to run an iv and since he still had a fever and he looked pale she wanted to run some tests. So my poor baby had to get blood drawn, have a urinalysis done using a catheter, had a chest x-ray (which I hate the thing they have to use to hold infants still. It breaks my heart) and have this nose thing done. So he wasn't too happy. As the nurse starts the iv the doctor comes in with the diagnosis. He has a UTI and an infection in his right lung. I have no idea how all of that could have happened. I feel like a bad mommy. They gave him antibiotics and stuff for his stuffy nose and sent us home. He has an appointment with his ped on tuesday to make sure he's getting better. I feel so horrible. There must have been some way I could have prevented this. I just wish I knew what I did wrong.
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    Kids get sick.

    It's going to happen.

    Better to prepare yourself now... because it's going to get worse. That doesn't make you a bad mom.

    He's been seen, he's on the road to recovery. Don't beat yourself up. There are going to be lots of things that you can't prevent that happens in his life.
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    you didnt do anything wrong... and you arent a bad mom. Things happen, babies get sick. I know its hard, but you cant blame yourself. It'll all be okay. I hope he gets better soon, and I am sure he will!
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    Aww don't beat yourself up about it There is no way you could have known and you are actually a GREAT mom for being so persistent at the ER. Babies/kids are always going to get sick, it's just a part of life. You now know what's wrong with him, he has his meds and on Tuesday you can make sure that he's getting better! Hang in there, he's going to be just fine!
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    Poor baby! And poor mom!

    I hope he gets better soon! Lots of extra lovin' cuddletime.
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    babies get couldn't have prevented it. you are a great mom for being persistent and taking him in.
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    You did nothing wrong! If anything, you did everything right! Babies get sick. Matt is lucky he has a mommy who takes him to the doctor when he's not feeling good and gets him the medicine he needs to feel better

    Hope he feels better soon!!!

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    Poor Matt!! We just went through this with MaddiLake on Friday, xrays and all. They did not give us an anibotic though They told us there was really nothing for a URI especially at their age.
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    Aww Brittany. I'm sorry Matt's sick. You didn't do anything wrong! You're an amazing mommy!! You took him to the ER and the problem's been figured out, if anything you're an awesome mommy for that! Now that you know what's wrong, they can start getting him better and he'll be fine!!

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    Hon you didnt do anything wrong! Its just that fun time of year

    Hope he gets better soon!
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