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Thread: Lil Kim is 2 weeks old!

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    Lil Kim is 2 weeks old!

    After losing some weight, she's finally back up to her birth weight (6 lbs and 14 oz) and then some...7 lb 1 oz now! According to the Dr, she's super strong and doing perfect. She has started eating a lot more so I don't need to worry about that any more, and last night...she slept from 9pm till 4:45 am! I can't complain...she's a kick ass little girl! I her! She has one more appt to do in October before I know for 100% sure that all is well with her...and once I get that okay, I'll tell ya all about it, but for now, things are looking good. I'm super happy that she's here and even happier that she's so perfect. I'm a mommy in love.
  2. We kicked Deployments ass together :)
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    We kicked Deployments ass together :)
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    glad she is doing better
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    aw! i was thinking about you the other day, i've been out of the loop

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    glad she is doing well post some pictures!
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