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Thread: adding calories

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    adding calories

    So, Bella's blood work came back from the doc and something nutrition wise is low. I can't think of what the nurse said but the doctor wants me to increase her calories. I do not know how to do this. I already feed on demand and offer three meals a day. Any suggestions? The doctor seems to think that her "grazing" all day is part of the problem. I just don't know how to stop it.

    Any idea's?
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    What is "grazing"? I don't know much about solids and babies but what do you feed her?
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    Its going to be hard, but maybe set her up on a schedule instead of letting her "graze".
    She won't like it to start, but in the end it may help you in keeping track of what she is taking in. I would start writing down what she eats and when she eats also, just in case you run into these same issues once you guys move back to Italy.

    Are you giveing her jar food or regular veggies and such? If jar food I would keep her within her age range as recommended on the jar and feed her a breakfast lunch and dinner of it along with the breast milk. Maybe offer her little finger snacks or biter biscuits inbetween as needed. If doing regular veggies and such I would give her a fruit and cereal for breakfast, veggies for lunch and veggies with some sort of meat(if you do that) at dinner, and make sure you vary the veggies. Again giving her light snacks as needed inbetween along with the breast milk.

    Good luck with everything.
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    I agree with a food journal. I would also offer her snack between meals/feedings.
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    Carters a grazer, and he wasnt putting on enough weight at the begining either. They told me to stop his grazing and feed him every 2 hours and to upp his feeding time. That didnt work, all I had was a cranky kid. I swear sometimes he gets thirsty and just wants a swig I just fed him on demand as usual, but when he went to pull of Id put him back on. This worked about half the time, and a couple weeks later he had gained enough and has since. (except for my response in your other post, still dont know whats going on there).

    I know its a little different since shes eating solids, but Id try adding some snacks in between nursing sessions and meals too.

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