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Thread: Enfamil AR?

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    Question Enfamil AR?

    Has anyone used it? Good or bad experiences? Does it really help with babies who have acid reflux and/or spit up a lot?

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    We had Jackson on it bc he had reflux. It def helped but the downfall was it caused him to be constipated so we had to take him off of it. I know of a girl on my birth board who attempted it and also had the same problems
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    I used it with DS and saw a little improvement in his spit-ups, but not much. He was diagnosed with acid reflux and the only thing that finally helped was medication.
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    That's what we use.. It's helped SO much and actually made her not be constipated (she had been on the other enfamils.. premium and gas & fussiness). I hate it because it's so thick, haha, but she's spit up twice since starting it and before she was spitting up after every feeding at least once.
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    It helped Kat Kats reflux, but she has issues with formula and it made her constipated. But, when we used it (for the little bit we did), she never threw up.
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    Kaitlyn had really bad reflux and the Enfamil AR seemed to just make it worse. All it really did was make it all come back up curdled, it was pretty gross.

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