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Thread: How long did you swaddle them for?

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    How long did you swaddle them for?

    Carters been nuts lately, especially with his SECOND tooth popping through already. Hes been sleeping 8 hours at night since we started with a lil cereal before bed, but getting him to sleep has been hard. We tried swaddling him again, and he goes out like a light after I swaddle him and nurse him. We tried NOT swaddling him last night, and he wouldnt go to sleep.

    My stepmom said if I swaddle him this long Ill never get him out of it and he wont develop properly because he isnt moving his arms at night. I dont think this is true, but I just wanted some other peoples thoughts.

    How old was your baby when you stopped swaddling them?
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    I swaddled until the little escape artist figured the way out. Seriously though, I did it until she was ready to sleep on her own without it....around 3-4 months?

    I used baby carriers and people also told me that I would hinder her crawling ability by using them. I used cloth diapers and people told me that it would hinder her ability to properly roll over due to the size. People have a lot of advice to offer when it comes to babies. Sometimes it's great advice but sometimes it doesn't fit and you can toss it.
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    We are going 10 months now. I still like to be wrapped up myself.
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    Geeze (its been three years now ) we swaddled Reese till he was maybe....3 or 4 months....after that he figured out to get unswaddled. If he likes it keep doing it. It isn't going to hurt him. My brother still likes to swaddle himself and hes 24
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    he'll tell you when he's done being swaddled.... Ashton hasn't wanted to be swaddled since he was 2 months old, but if Carter still wants to be swaddled then Carter should still be swaddled. you arne't hindering him, it isn't like your swaddling him up 24/7... if that was the case then you'd be a very strange parents first of all and then yeah you may be hindering him but no, swaddling him at night isn't going to affect him and when he's done with it, he'll kindly let you know.

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    ugh...Logan HATED to be swaddled. i think we made it it 2 maybe 3 days of swaddling. then he would just cry until we undid it. if it gets him to sleep, and you get sleep...keep it up! he needs good sleep, so you are helping him by finding a way to help him get it
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    Adrian hates to be swaddled.. he likes to move his hands too much. We can swaddle him up and ten minutes later he already figured out a way to get out lol
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    With DS, I stopped swaddling him about 3 months or so (that was when he decided that he wanted to fling around at night). I never swaddled DD, she would cry and cry whenever I tried. My mom swaddled me for a long time when I was a baby and I turned out just fine
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    I stopped swaddling really quickly because she figured out how to break out so fast. Like.. a month or two.

    I would have swaddled as long as she needed it though. If she were to never grow out of it, then eventually she would be old enough to cocoon herself anyway. Who cares if someone likes to be wrapped tight to sleep?

    and I don't think it really affects development if they are swaddled at night so they can't move their arms. That is what playtime during the day is for.

    I say swaddle carter.
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    Matt was about 6 weeks or so but that was because he started to hate it. He likes to wiggle. I think you should swaddle him until he doesn't want to be anymore.
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