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Thread: Letting him cry it out??

  1. Many of the things that can never be, often are.
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    Many of the things that can never be, often are.
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    Letting him cry it out??

    Ashton is only 2 months and 2 weeks old and he doesn't sleep through the night, he gets up about 3 times, sometimes more, but not always to eat. Sometimes he'll eat a bottle, then fall asleep for an hour and want to be rocked back to sleep when he wakes up. Of course it's frustrating, but he's two months.. I've also heard that you can"t "spoil" a 2 month old, bc they cry when they need something. So, though it blows balls, I get up and rock him back to sleep. Lol. Well of course I mentioned this to MIL the other night and she said "well just make him cry it out. If you know he isn't hungry, don't get up he'll stop real quick".... I just want to point out I AM TERRIBLE AT LETTING MY DS CRY! I have a hard time when he cries during the day b/c he wants to be held but I have to do things- like take a flipping shower every now and then? yeah... but at night it's even worse. :/ Plus, again, I always heard you should listen to the what your baby needs/wants at this age because they can't be spoiled first off, and because when they cry they need something... what are your ladies thoughts on it?? Just trying to get some perspective from some ladies other than my mom and MIL (who haven't kids in decades )

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    Personally I wouldn't let my LO cry it out until they are older. I waited until my twins where 8 months old to let them. And that was only because they where still waking up 2-3 times a night each and I was at my breaking point, since I was only getting 2 hours of sleep or so a night for the past 8 months.

    From what I have read most doctors dont advise crying it out until at leased 6 months, something to do with crying raises blood pressure and other stuff and its not good for a newborn. And newborns(under 6 months old) cry for a reason, they either need to be changed, fed, burped or just want to be held. They dont know to or understand crying for no reason(throwing a tantrum) at this age, crying is their only way to communicate right now.

    Now I have no problem letting my LO fuss a little, but the second she starts actually crying I pick her up right away, and no its not spoiling your baby by doing this. There is actually something built into us moms that make us WANT to pick up our baby when crying.

    ETA- Still now and my older girls are 18 months old, I only take showers when DH is home, so that someone is in the house and can hear incase one of my girls does start crying.
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    I agree with what Kimly said that babies at this age dont just cry for the heck of it, hey need something. I just realized our babies are only 1 day apart!!!

    Theres times that Carter cries for longer then I think he should. If hes fed, changed, burped, and comfy, I think he can wait a few minutes while I finish what Im doing. That being said, I always try to finish up quickly to get to him.

    Do you swaddle him at night? He could be waking up because he doesnt feel secure in his crib. If he wakes up for a minute and feels secure he might fall back asleep on his own.

    ETA- I have no idea where I saw that our babies are only 1 day apart, I must have been reading someone elses siggy or something
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    i was told at the hospital that if you know that they arnt hungry and that their diaper is clean and they proceed to cry then just let them cry....i cant do it even now and my son is a year old but they say it helps their lungs get stronger....they used to let my son cry while he was in the special care unit but when he got transfered to VB whenever he would cry a nurse would go in to make sure everything was okay...idk ppl have different opinons about it do what you feel best
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    I have just recently started letting Cristian cry to sleep. I nurse him and he falls asleep but as soon as I set him in his crib he starts to cry. I still hate doing it but now he only cries for a minute or 2
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    I am completely against CIO. Have you tried putting your LO in a swing or bouncer while you shower. I always brought the seat into the bathroom with me so I could see and hear my LO and also the shower always put him to sleep.

    Also, swaddling is a good idea for night time. A feeding, a warm bath, some cuddle time and swaddling should keep the LO out for a while at night. Good luck!
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    My opinion is that at 2 months old, it's too young to let a baby cry it out. Caleb is 5 months old and he has just in the past month been sleeping thru the night every night.

    My little Loves!
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    I agree with MarineWife, I personally don't ever let DD cry it out and she is 21 months.... Now that is entirely my personal stance and I know several people that disagree. However, my advice would be to use a bassinet or a pack and play and maybe move him into your room.... at that age, he may take comfort just having you pat his back when he whimpers.... then when he gets older, you can transition him back to his room. It seemed to work really well for DD and me and I got the most sleep that way! Good luck!
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    Frances is two months old, I feel she is too young.. She's too little to have developed learned habits and change her behavior..

    It's funny how MILs have the answers to ALLLLL our problems, isn't it?
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    You can not spoil an infant, period. I don't believe in CIO at all & yes 2 months old is way too early to do it. A baby is crying because he/she needs something, even if that something is to be rocked and loved on.
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