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Thread: What info to list for her?

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    What info to list for her?

    I go back to work on Wednesday and I need to give my neighbor some info on Wesson before she takes over full-time. What do I all need to write her? I feel like an idiot with thinking of..."If he get's fussy, he likes being held this way." "If this doesn't work, bounce him this way." yada yada yada. What do I all need to tell her? I just don't want to make her feel like a dumb dumb.
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    How often he normally eats, things that bother him like music or tv too loud, any medicines he might need, nap times, umm....still thinking
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    I would write out your normal day schedule. Also note his favorite blanket or stuff animal.
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    You may think it's silly, but babysitters/caregivers like to know how to sooth a baby. If he has a favorite binky or blanket, or how to be swaddled or whatever is really helpful. I don't use a babysitter often (like once a month), but the first time she came, I left her a comprehensive list, and I've left it out everytime she's come just in case she needs it.
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    The woman I sit for wrote a cute card from ' the baby ' that says .. basically ..

    'Hi, Im so happy to be hanging out with you and I hope we can be good friends. I eat - ounces every - hours. I only use a paci when I sleep. I like to hang out in the boppy pillow and watch tv with you sometimes to. Please put powder on my bum when you change my diaper, it helps keep me dry'

    it went on and on - but it was cute since it was from 'the baby' and covered all the basics without makin me feel like a dumbdumb
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    allergies? i mean i know he isnt eating solid foods but allergies to anything?

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