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Thread: Plugged Ducts

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    Confused Plugged Ducts

    OMG it hurts soooo much.
    I have been pumping for 3 weeks and started trying to BF him on my own again a week ago. He had a very bad latch(His ped said he has is slight tounge tied but it wasn't too bad to warrent thinking of surgery now but he would keep an eye on it as he grows) and I couldn't make him do any different. So, I was in a lot of pain and went back to just pumping. Well, when we took Logan to the ER Wednesday night we didn't expect to end up getting admitted and staying 3 days so I haven't been able to pump so I was forced to BF him to get some relief but it was becoming so horrible I asked for a lactation consultant to help me. She tried to show me different holds and latches but after she left we still couldn't get it and he won't stay latched and then scream bloody murder so I had no choice but to do nothing since he wouldn't feed we used his formula. So, I was already hurting alot at this point on the sides of my breasts but didn't know why and after 24hrs of no pumping/feeding I wanted to scream in pain. I am not running a fever or showing any signs of Mastitis so I did some research online and it sounds just like plugged ducts. I have hard knots that feel like nodes on the sides and underneath both breasts like the entire circle of the breasts they are warm to the touch and don't go away after pumping. So, I don't really know what to do it hurts to move, touch them, or lift my arms. I read warm compreses, frequent pumping/feeding, heating pads, massaging the duct may help but I was wondering if any of you had dealt with this had more helpful suggestions? I can't get ahold of the Dr till Monday and this is sooo horrid! Thanks.
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    Did you use a nipple shield?

    I had to use one with both babies because of their latches. I also had mastitis with Katie. The main thing is NURSE! That is the truly only thing that will help clotted ducts or mastitis. Warm showers while massaging them. Lots of water. And did I mention nursing?

    It will take time. Both babies were 2/3 months before having a perfect latch and not having to use the shield. Stick with it Cori. You can do this!
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    Heat packs will help - but you're gonna have to pump or nurse through the pain.
    It's the only way. Plus, I'm sure you don't want your milk to dry up! I'm so sorry - clogged ducts SUCK!!!!!!!!
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    the others are right - as much as it hurts pump and nurse on your regular schedule. i hope it gets better soon... i have been there...
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    oh yikes! i hope it passes soon!! how do you avoid getting plugged ducts and mastitis?
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    when this happened to me, i was away from our son for about two weeks and pumping solely. that was didn't empty me out nearly as much as he did. i had to put a warm cloth on my chest and massage (as much as it hurt to do it) to get the knots to ease up and i could hand express the milk out. i feel for is a horrible pain to endure.
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    I am so sorry. Nursing/pumping was the only thing that helped me. Also, when I pumped, I would be leaning down. (Gravity helped it) Somewhere I read that would help.
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    read these two threads Cori

    Breastfeeding Problem(s)

    The only thing that will truly help is warm compress and letting him nurse (or pumping). You have to get the milk moving through, and it will start feeling a lot better. Remember though that even if you unclog it, it may still REALLY hurt for many hours afterwards, and will probably be incredibly sore for at least 24 hours afterwards. So, you won't feel immediate relief even if it starts to clear. It may take a little bit of time.
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    Thumbs Up

    I was determined to BF my son (who is now 16 months old) but two weeks in to him being home he had lost weight and my WIC department gave me pumps of all kinds. First was the manual pump and that worked the best but my hand would kill me after a while and I didn't think I was getting as much out of my breasts as I could be. I am very big-chested (DD) so I figured there would be enough to feed a small army. Pun intended! I'd pump and get maybe 2 ounces from each breast and my son was screaming in hunger and I just sat in bed and cried while my fiancee rubbed my back and told me it would be okay. I eventually got clogged ducts as well, and my pumping frenzy made my nipples feel like they were going to fall off. I went back to WIC and they gave me an electric pump with two attachments so all I had to do is have 4 hands to apply and hold the pumps on my breasts (if you're small-chested I'm sure this isn't a problem for you), and I managed to get even less out of my breasts. I decided enough was enough and I couldn't put myself through it any more so I stopped pumping and just gave up and started Owen on formula. He had serious reflux, and the sphincter at the top of his stomach wasn't strong enough to close, so he'd have his bottle, I'd go to sit him up, and it'd just pour out of him. It had the worst stink and I felt terrible, so after trying that for two days I went back to pumping. I got 4 ounces out of each breast and finally after having him home for two weeks managed to make enough milk to give him a full bottle. I knew that wasn't going to cut it so I decided to get him on the best formula money could buy and stop pumping. If you choose to do so as well, and I'm not saying you should just give up, but if it becomes too much for you, go buy a nice big head of firm cabbage, put it in your crisper drawer in your fridge, and every day for about an hour twice a day put cabbage in your bra. Take one cabbage leaf per breast (they're great because they're all ready like a little cup) and just slip it in to your bra around your breast. It will dry up your milk within days, and the coldness will soothe your breast pain. Whether you choose to continue to try to pump or you choose to stop breast feeding, you have done your baby a great service by providing breast milk for this long and as long as the colostrum was given then you've done your job!
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    Warm showers and "milk" them as the water hits them....I used to bend over in the shower and let the milk drain out and squeeze them so they wouldn't hurt so much... I hope you got a hold of your doc and are feeling better...
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