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Thread: 2 month well baby and shots

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    2 month well baby and shots

    So baby bear weighs 13 lbs 7 oz and is 23 inches long. He is in the 98% range on that part of it. His head and lenght are in the 50% range. He has excezma and cradle cap but not bad. I put aquafor on him and today it's almost cleared up. I do have meds for him waiting for me at the office (shampoo and something for his face) He is doing just what he needs to be, they were actually really impressed at how strong my little guy is.

    Now on to the shot part of it. so the first one was a oral vaccine. he sucked it down like it was candy. So before i got there maybe 1 hour before i gave him his infant tylenol. after the oral came the shots. i kept eye contact with him right up til she stuck him. baby bear is a bleeder. he only cried for maybe 2-3 mins and that was cause she stuck him. i have been massaging his little legs like they told me to. and keeping up with the tylenol for the next 48 hours. no fever at all. he has been sleeping a whole lot, and when the tylenol kinda wears off he is fussy but when i give him the tylenol he is all good. he loves the taste of it btw
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    Yay for a good appt!!
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    I'm glad everything went well

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    Mustela newborn foam shampoo is AMAZING for craddle cap - I still use it on my little guy, not that he has craddle cap - it just leaves his hair lovely and clean and soft.
    I highly recommend it. It's like $10 from babies r us - but one bottle lasted us, uh, 8 months? And my kid has a LOT of hair, so we use, like, 4 pumps every time we wash.
    If you had a little peach fuzz baby, it'd last even longer!
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    Awwww... sounds like a great check-up!

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