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Thread: Waking up babies for feedings..

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    Waking up babies for feedings..

    Today I took G to the doctor and she told me not to wake him up at night every two hours for feedings after I told her how hard it was to get him awake in the middle of the night once he did fall asleep
    I though babies could not go over 3-4 hrs without eating He's breastfed. I don't know how I feel about not waking him up for feedings at night

    What do you all think of that
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    My ped told me not to let mine go more than 3 hours at night without eating when they were jaundiced, but otherwise she told me to let them sleep if they will, lol.
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    Let that baby sleep, lol! Your little one will let you know when they need to eat. I promise you, your baby will set the right schedule for what their needs are...

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    My dd was breastfed and ds was bottle ( I couldn't lactate for him) but with both of them I never woke them up at night to feed them. I let them wake me up! During the day I would wake them up but at night I would let them sleep. The ped said that was fine because babies will cry when they are hungry. My dd would sleep for about 3 to 4 hours at night then want to be fed. My ds was a little longer after awhile. So it's okay to let them sleep. So just let the little one sleep! They need it!
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    as long as they are sleeping and content then they are fine...He may nurse a little more during the day but if he's sleeping let him sleep...It's his way of working out sleeping longer hours...
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    Both girls are/were bf and I never woke them up so that they could eat.
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    Let him sleep and if you need a release pump it out, letting him sleep will help you in the long run you're doing great
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    When I had DD she was pretty much sleeping through the night from day 1. I tried waking her up and she was more cranky than when she had finally gotten to sleep that night. She wanted sleep and wasn't very happy about being waken up to eat. Sometimes she wouldn't even eat she'd just cry and fall back to sleep.

    I was concerned so I talked to my Ped and she told me that if she is sleeping good like that to let her sleep. No reason to interupt her if she's not hungry enough to wake up. I had a 2 week ago sleeping for 7-8 hours at night and she was just fine. She just ate a little more when she was awake.

    If you really don't feel comfortable about it maybe try to let him sleep around 5 hours and see how he does without waking him up. It's really all up to you on what you feel comfortable with.
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    I always figured that if the baby is healthy, and has doubled their birth weight then they should be left to sleep.. once they get bigger, they can eat less often cause their stomach is bigger and can hold more.. Grace sleeps all night, about 8 hours at a time.. But she's doubled her birth weight.. Bigger babies sleep longer then newborns do, and they're awake for longer periods..

    Their stomach stretches out and grows and they can fill it up all the way.. He's gaining weight, right?

    As long as he's having wet diapers in the morning he's getting enough to eat and drink. Why don't you let him sleep, and let yourself enjoy a night of sleeping too?
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    Our ped told us to wake Alec up every 3 hours to feed him because he sleeps so much during the day. He is jaundiced though so he needs to be eating and pooping regularly to help clear the jaundice.

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