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Thread: I dont think he likes me...

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    Sad I dont think he likes me...

    My baby that is.

    He doesn't really like to be held, never really has. When it comes time for feeding, he usually screams unless i swaddle him.

    For the first couple months he was VERY colicky we tried everything, and the only thing that worked was his swing, so now I think he has gotten so use to it that he likes that better than his mama .

    I feel like I've done something wrong, like I can't soothe him the way I should be able to. I love holding him, but most of the time hes just not having it. It is rare that he can just sit and hang out with me, he always wants to be put down somewhere.

    I seriously feel like such a horrible mommy... I don't know what to do to change it. I try to wrap him up and just hold him and he screams, and theres only so much screaming I can let him do, so I just give in and put him in his swing. I really hope that he grows out of it

    Any advice would be appreciated! TIA

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    i don't have any advice mainly cause i have no clue, but i hope things get better

    if you need to cry you can cry or be grumpy to me, i'm here
    "I am absolutely convinced that there is no way around this... I have fallen in love with you" - DH

    Would you believe me if I told you that fairy-tales come true .. when I'm with you?

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