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Thread: Feeding too much?

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    Help Feeding too much?

    Dawson had been getting 4oz of formula every 3.5 hours pretty consistantly and he did well on that. Then a few weeks ago I think he hit a growth spurt (he's about 12 lbs now) and is knockin' back 5-6oz but he still wants it every 3.5 hours or so. Is that way too much? I don't want to starve him but it just seems like if he's taking that much it should last in his little tummy a bit longer. Maybe not. He does last about 6 hours or so in the night though after a 6oz bottle at bedtime.

    Just thought i'd ask. TIA!

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    A baby will eat when the baby is hungry. Just make sure he is hungry and not doing it because he is bored.
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    That's how much and often matt was eating around that age. A baby won't overeat. They'll stop when they are full. If it's something to be concerned about then his ped will say something but I think that sounds normal.
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    A baby will eat until they are full, and even if they overeat, it will just be spit back up. I had the same concern with Alexis, and her ped said that their stomach doesn't stretch like ours does, and she will just throw up/spit up whenever is too much for her.

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