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Thread: 3 Month Checkup

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    3 Month Checkup

    Alright, so Bebe didn't have a 2m checkup (we're on a "once a month" appt. schedule) so she had her 3 month check up today!

    She now weighs 12lbs, 1oz and is 23 inches long!

    50% percentile for both her height and weight and 25% percentile for her head circumference.

    So she's gained almost 3 lbs. in a little over a month.

    Got her 2m shots today too... She was not happy. Then she became a after it and looked/"cried" like her world was ending.

    We talked about Bebe's choking, and eating schedule, etc and everything is good to go, and she's A-OK! Had a bit of a cold (and do do I ) but other than that, she's right on track.
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    thats awesome! such a big girl!
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    yay! good news!

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