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Thread: Co-Sleeping

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    So, my little man is 4 days old and the only way he really sleeps through the night is if he is in bed (on a boppy) with DH and I...

    Except DH doesnt like the idea of co-sleeping because he believes that he wont ever go sleep on his own in his own crib/bassinet.

    I think he is young enough that he just needs the comfort of being near us to sleep, and that he will be able to sleep on his own once he gets older.

    What are your opinions on cosleeping?

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    It was the only way DS would go to sleep last night. Last night was rough until I held him and he fell asleep laying beside me. You can't spoil a baby under 6 months, but I guess I also wouldn't make a habit out of it either. I try not to sleep with Hayden a lot because I want him to learn/know that he has to sleep in his bed and not with me and/or DH.

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    We co-slept with all our children. Our oldest goes back and forth between sleeping in his twin bed and the bed on the floor in our room. Our baby is still too little to move over. We let him sleep with us at night and in his crib during the day.
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    When DD was that age that is the only way she would sleep, but now she sleeps in her crib without her boppy

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    I think your baby is beautiful! and that the comfort is just what a newborn needs. I mean really, he's 4 days old. Most mothers I know, can't even stand to be out of the nursery for the first week. As long as you get him sleeping in his own bed soon, he won't even know he was.
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    Our baby is the same way. I'm scared to let her sleep on the boppy at night though so I end up just holding her, which means I don't sleep because I'm scared of hurting her. We even bought an inclined sleep positioner for her co sleeper bassinet but she just isn't content unless she's with us.

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    We're a happy co-sleeping family
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    I did the co-sleeping. My daughter is two and she sleeps just fine on her own. In fact, she insists on sleeping without me. I am the one that gets hurt.

    As long as you attempt the naps in their own crib or bassinet, eventually you will be able to transition them out of your bed and into their own. But only when you are both ready.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steph* View Post
    We're a happy co-sleeping family
    us to

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    I never did it be/c I do need to be able to sleep on my tummy and I couldn't do that with a baby in bed with me.
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