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Thread: Breast pumps

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    Breast pumps

    I am exclusively breastfeeding Josefine, and I want to get a pump for times when I am not here to feed her. I am not going back to work or anything, so I would only need it occasionally.

    I had a hand pump (the Avent one) with DS and I was never able to get much beyond a few drops with it, so I think I would need an electric pump. Any recommendations for a good pump?

    Josefine is 2 weeks old, when is a good time to introduce a bottle (with pumped milk)? I don't want to cause nipple confusion. She has always nursed well so far, no issues with her latch or anything.

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    I use the Medela Pump In Style?? I think that's what it cost. I use it all the time. It take about 15 minutes to pump both sides and helps to store and freeze milk for later use. It works great. Worth the price. I wouldn't introduce the bottle till about 5 or 6 weeks. If you think your baby has the bfding thing down. Also, same with a pacifier.
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    I have a medela pump in style, its great.

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