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Thread: *sigh* I thought we had passed this

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    Question *sigh* I thought we had passed this

    Last week, Dawson started to sleep through the night and it was of course amazing. Granted he woke up early (around 5am or so) but the point was that there was no midnight feedings and such. I was stoked. But last night, I don't know what happened. But he woke up like four times, which is a lot more than he usually did in the first place. I don't get it. He didn't sleep any more than usual yesterday, nor did he do anything really stimulating or something before bed.

    It's frustrating.

    Any ideas why the change?

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    Give it another night. He might have just had an off night. I know Matt did that for a week or so. He just did not want to sleep through the night and woke up about three times. It gets better though.
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    Some kids go through cycles of sleeping through the night for awhile and then waking up for awhile. It could be a growth spurt or something else. A friend's 8 month old has just started waking up twice in the night during the last week or so after sleeping through the night for months. It just depends on the kid. Hang in there.

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