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Thread: teething

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    Confused teething

    So Cameron is teething.... hes only 11 weeks old(on Saturday), but when we went for his 2 month check up she said he was showing early signs of teething, which I knew already. Hes drooling up a storm, chewing anything that comes his way, isn't sleeping, eating funny, and SUPER fussy!!

    My question is this... the teeth that are coming in ARE NOT his front ones, they are like his first molars(according to the dental chart thing), i'm confused ??? I know it's those ones because I can actually see them, and feel them! It's on both sides in the same place... I'm a little concerned, because I know they are supposed to get those until closer to 2. Whats weird is I have noticed those little buds there for a long time, like a couple weeks after he was born.

    Should I call his ped? Has anyone had this happen or know of it happening?


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    no were
    Even though you see them and such it can still take months for them to come through.

    Clayton has been trying to get his i teeth for about 3 months now and they still are not through.

    Good LUck

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