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Thread: Homemade Baby Food Question

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    Question Homemade Baby Food Question

    Me and my Mom were talking the other day and I mentioned I would probably just make alot of Logan's baby food since I am a stay at home Mom and it would't be inconvienent to me and save the jared food for outings. She told me that it had to be done a certain way or else he could choke. I guess I was under the impression I could but some fruits or veggies in my baby food processor and he could eat it(with no seasoning of course). She was saying it needed to strained and pureed a certain way or he could choke on the stringyness like beans and some fruits. I have used the processor for a few other things and its makes mush in like 10 seconds.
    Am I going about my thought process wrong? If so, what it the proper way to do it?
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    Most things will mush up well. Some things, as he gets older, you can just mash and it's cool. The only thing I had issues with was pasta--kind of leaden when pureed and frozen and thawed and meats--I found it gross. Other things were fine. I rarely strained anything. I would just steam and then puree. Or stew...Prunes were a favorite. Soft things work best. Stringy things like green beans or asparagus I would make sure were really mushy to begin with and add liquid. I just aimed for things that didn't have strings. It's pretty easy and you can easily use your common sense on it. If it looks tough or stringy or had bigger bits then baby can handle, then keep pureeing or add liquid or strain or leave that thing for later. I started with it at 6 mo.
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    The wholesome babyfood website is amazing... I use it a LOT! It will tell you a lot of your FAQ. I make ALL of her food except her formula. Its so easy, so cheap, and so healthy. When we go places and I need to feed her I bring the homemade food too. If its going to be a while I let it stay frozen and just thaw out... if not then I defrost it first.
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    I just made carrots for Katie yesterday. All I did was boil it and then threw it into the food processor. No need to strain at all.
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    I just used my blender on everything... no straining.
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    I puree his stuff in the foor processor after I cook it Now I can leave some chunks since he's 10 months old, but has no teeth.
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    Nope, like the other ladies said, no need to strain it. I made baby food for both my girls and it was so much fun. I think you'd really enjoy it, Cori!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caimbrie View Post
    I puree his stuff in the foor processor after I cook it Now I can leave some chunks since he's 10 months old, but has no teeth.
    No teeth yet??? Wow!!! Mr Caleb is working on his second one... I hope Zayne gets his soon!!

    I haven't had any problems with Caleb being able to swallow any of the foods I've made him. I just use my mini food processor and add a little water if I need it more smooth..

    My little Loves!
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    I agree that it just comes down to common sense... I'm sure you'll be able to tell if something might be too dangerous for your little one.

    Making baby food really isn't that hard... because yeah.. it is just softening and mushing up regular food. I think the idea that it is SO hard and DANGEROUS for your baby is something the jarred baby food companies would try to put out... their food is the exact same thing though except with preservatives and crap.

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