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Thread: anyone use bubele bums os cloth diapers?

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    Question anyone use bubele bums os cloth diapers?


    I bought one off Ebay. I just got it and can't for the life of me figure out how its supposed to work as a OS. I see the instructions but it doesn't make sense when I try it out on the diaper. Its makes it so bulky and really not OS at all. Is more like two size. small and large.

    Is that really all there is to it? If so I don't think I'll buy anymore. I love the pattern and its so soft but its not practical as a os diaper if it only has two sizes.
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    It looks like it works kind of like our Sammys OS. There is only 2 rows of snaps and the same small baby/older baby options. I was skeptical but i used my friends NB as a model and it did fit her as well as my 30 lb son. If you can get a baby doll that is the size of a NB and try it out that might help. I had to do that with a baby doll that was the same dimensions of an "average" NB.

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