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Thread: When did you put them in their own room?

  1. Jen
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    Nicole was just over 3 months when she went into her own room. It was so nice not waking up to her every sound.
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    I think once Peanut sleeps through the night I'll try to move her to her own room. Of course you know how those best laid plans work out for me.

    DH will probably be deployed by then so it'll be just me and her to make the decision. I'll have to make sure that I make the decision for the right reasons and with my big girl pants on.
    I would like to be with my for a while but thats what made me so tired in the first place!
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    about 6 weeks.

    when he was born i couldn't fathom the day I would want him out of our room but when it happened I knew I was more then ready. He sleeps so much better because I don't come hover over him every time he makes a sound. And because i'm not necessarily listening for his every sound I sleep much better as well. Works out nicely.

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    jack was 2-3 weeks old i guess. whenever he started grunting in his bassinet is when he went to his room bc it kept me awake.
  5. Captain's Wife
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    i was told to put the baby in his crib because
    1. he should learn to cry to let you know hes hungry - its a communication thing
    2. that "stirring" around prevents you from sleeping soundly

    buuut with that said dont do it until you feel ready - there is nothing wrong with him being in your room- there isnt a magical age or time so dont feel pressured to do something you arent mentally ready for.

    carter is soooo cute! <3
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    I shifted my kids into their own room at 5 months old


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    We did it when DS outgrew his bassinet, around 2 months I think... he actually sleeps a million times better in his own bed, any little noise wakes him up.
    This is my shrine to Bryanna... she rocks!!
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    Michal from day one but I had a bed in his room so at the first feeding I just stayed in there.

    Clayton was 3 months. I didn't want him to go at 3 months but dh was gone for the first 3 months so I knew that when he got home he would want the bed just for us!

    Now on duty days Clayton sleeps in my room but so does Michal that is just what we do!
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    Crying is a late sign of hunger.

    DD slept w/us until 4 months, she just slept better in her crib. DS slept with us until 15 months and still slept w/us off and on for several more years. He's 6 and still loves to cuddle.

    DD 1 week old sleeps with us and I have no plans on moving her soon. I like that I'm close, I can respond to her needs quicker, which is what she needs emotionally. It builds trust.
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