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Thread: leaving him with gma for 5 nights ---sepration anxiety(4 me) help

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    leaving him with gma for 5 nights ---sepration anxiety(4 me) help

    so we are going to sea world tomorrow because we never had a honey moon so we are now(plus just "us" time may help us as a couple) ... Owen is 4 months and is staying with gma ( dh's mom who is great )

    we leave tomorrow night and i don't know how i'm going to force myself to leave for 5 nights . 4 days .....

    so anytips on a way not to cry and make dh feel terrible ? we are driving to san i thought maybe read and get lost in a book but it will get dark and then i have to be in the real worl again in a car driving away from my baby boy .... anymore ideas ?

    i think i will be okay once i get there and at the hotel etc just the drive down will be hard
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    just try and look forward to your alone time with DH
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    Have fun! Try to relax and know that he'll be fine.

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