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Thread: postpartum stretchmarks

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    Question postpartum stretchmarks

    I'm not big on tanning, but I really cant stand looking at stripes that go all the way down to my feet almost (literally) . If I went tanning, would that help them at least LOOK hidden?

    Since Im BFing, I want to have something to cover my nipples so they dont burn, would it be super weird to ask for an extra pair of eye sticker things to cover my nipples?

    What else can I do to make them not be so ? Any creams or lotions that actually work?

    Theyre dark purple and on my belly, hips, inner thigh, back of my thigh, and even the back of my calves. I cant even wear capris with big thick purple stripes sticking out of them.

    I realize this is like the third complaint in the new moms forum complaining about their bodies but I am having a really hard time not feeling bad about my body.
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    they will fade over time, but tanning will probably make them stand out a bit more. There are no creams that work stretch marks ( or lack of ) is dependent on your genes/skin elasticity.

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    they'll fade. I have yet to find any creams that work. As Michelle said, I think tanning would probably make them more noticable.
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    i've heard tanning makes them way worse. sucks because that was my plan too. i'm trying the Aveeno fake tan stuff now. So far it isn't bad.
    Also, if you do tan and expose your nipples, they will stay dark(er) then pre preggo (assuming yours got really dark and huge like mine) so that is another discouraging fact.

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    I've been tanning since march..and tanning helps me to make them less visible
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    The good thing about lotions and spray-on tans is they cover the stretch marks. When I tan the ones on my boobs are waaayyy more noticeable. Before I go on vacation I'm going to get a light spray tan to fill in the stretch marks. I'm sure you'll figure out something to feel better!

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    I've never tanned before but I think it'd make them more noticeable. They will eventually fade. You just had a baby. Don't be hard on yourself. It took your body nearly 10 months to get the way it is. Give yourself time to recover. You grew a person and gave him life
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    Loretta Raves about Mederma I can't remember if thats it or not so definitely ask her. I remember her saying it can be pricey and you have to apply religiously through out the day
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    I have some on my belly, and I've been laying out to get them to go away!

    Also, a friend of mine lots, and she tanned them over.
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    i used nivea's goodbye cellulite cream and it helped my cellulite and some stretch marks i had on my inner thighs. they say to massage it into the marks because it comes from broken capillaries and tissue blood circulation through the area is important. loretta also said that mederma was awesome...i plan to use that this time after i'm done BFing.
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