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Thread: slings, carriers and wraps

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    slings, carriers and wraps

    if you've tried multiple ones what has been your favorite for little babies and bigger babies?

    We didn't have one with our son. We got a baby bjorn carrier with our daughter. I liked it but maybe there is something out there I'd like more.
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    I don't have a kid.. but as weird as it sounds, I used to carry my now 2-yr old cat in a baby sling. He was underweight, sick and had to be fed constantly so he felt like a baby, but smaller. It was comfortable on me, but I've got broad shoulders and strong hips to support heavier weights (since I don't know your frame or build)
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    I have like every different kind and the most comfortable one we have is the Baby K'tan.
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    I had this one, but I didn't like it. I went back to my Baby Bjorn.
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    I HIGHLY recommend this one This one is a combo of a wrap/sling/carrier. I love it. If you go to the instructions tab it shows all the different ways to carry baby. Bella is almost 7 months and still loves to be worn.
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    I have a moby wrap, but I havent been able to use it with my daughter, because of the pregnant belly and all.

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    I ordered a Maya sling, I read that it was easy to nurse on one.. I let you know when it comes! I have a Snugli front pack that I use now, I like it alot, but there isn't must head and neck support for her.. I use it so I can get shit done around the house. I took her outside in it yesterday and painted..
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    I like my cheap Snuggli. It's awesomeeeee
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    I had a snuggli with DD & hated it right now I'm still up in the air for this lil bebe if I want a moby, k'tan, or sleepywrap. I can't decide

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    I loved, and so did ds, my Babyhawk. He got to the point where he just flat out didn't want to be carried in one anymore, so we got rid of it then, but I wish I had had it from the time he was teeny.
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