Alright. Back story.

I took the boys to the park yesterday with our babysitter/friend. Glen (4) tried to play with another couple of kids that were there. The girls started running away and taunting him. He tried to play and catch up but they just did the normal mean kid thing. After awhile, I stepped in and made him sit down. The parents of the kids where no where to be seen until I came over there. Then told the girls to play nice. The girls said, we were being nice, and looked at me like..try to tell them the truth. I just told them it wasn't nice to lie and walked away.

Today, went to a squadron party and Glen was playing with another girls stroller. Pushing it around. She wasn't playing with it. We watch our children. He walked around the pavilion with it. Suddenly, a mom goes "damn it Glen." I looked and he was down by the lake, pushing it on the path. They weren't watching their kid who was 2 and she followed them down there. They got mad at my child because he was down there.

Is my kids that awful that they can't play with him? Is it wrong that I just want him to have a friend? All his "friends" are girls and when their are other girls around, they don't want him around.

I can't protect him but man...hurts.