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Thread: No more crying

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    Jump for Joy No more crying

    After almost a week of NONSTOP crying, I took Carter to the doctors yesterday.

    He didnt seem sick, or I would have taken him sooner. Well, they checked him all over and everything seemed fine. But then, Carter started screaming and farting (nothing out of the usual). I ended up nursing him because the doctor thought it would calm him down a little, but nope, more screaming. After nursing him, Carter starting making his "yuck" face he often makes after eating. The doctor thinks the yuck face he makes is because he has reflux, but since he never spits up, it just stays in his throat, making him hurt. He also thinks he is just really gassy.

    He gave me prilosec to give him and told me to give him mylicon 6 times a day and tylenol when needed. The tylenol and mylicon made it stop almost right away . Ive been keeping up with it, and the crying, has completely stopped.

    All morning, Ive been getting smiles Really big cute ones He slept from 10 to 630 last night too!!!!!!!!!!

    Just needed to share
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    thats aweome!!
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    I have been thinking about you lately wondering how the little man was doing! I'm glad everything is getting better!
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    i love BOSTON and all of its sports teams :)
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    I'm glad they figured it out for you!!!
  5. deployment #2: 1 month down!
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    deployment #2: 1 month down!
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    Aw yay! I'm glad he's finally stopped!
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    I'm glad he is feeling better!
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    I'm glad he is feeling better!!!!

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  8. lord help us all!
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    oh yay! i'm glad they figured out what was wrong with the poor little guy!
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    ive been thinking about you & the little guy alot lately. im glad hes finally doing better and you're finally getting some peace and quiet
    we kicked deployment #2's butt!

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    I'm so happy he's feeling better! I think we need to see a pic of your adorable smiling man
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