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Thread: stuffy nose?

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    Help stuffy nose?

    When did your little one start having a stuffy nose? I'm asking because Christopher has had a stuffy nose since about the second day we brought him home. I've been pulling boogers out almost every day.
    Dh and I have both been up and down with colds since we moved into the rental that we are in. We have started wondering if there might be mold growing in the house somewhere. We have other issues with the house that we are working on with the rental company, with no luck.
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    aww I hope you can figure it out! Apparently when I was born I had a cold on and off till I was 2!!! My mother wanted to rip her hair out! If it is mold I hope you get something done about it asap! That could be seriously dangerous.

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    Is the mucus clear or colored? If it's clear, then yeah, he might have a cold or an ear infection. If he doesn't yet have an ear infection, try to keep him from getting one-- they are NOT fun for ANYONE involved.

    Is he generally acting baby-ish? If not, make an apointment and take him in
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    Babies often have plugged noses for a long time. I think Glen had one until he was 2. Their noses aren't developed all the way.

    Talk to your dr.
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    Molly always has boogers too.. they don't bother her though. She also snorts like a pig sometimes... that is completely normal for infants and totally cute

    do you breastfeed? I hear breast milk up the nose helps with congestion. Squirt some up and see if that helps
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    Peanut has boogers a lot. They are never any color to them and I have to root them out a few times a week. If she has crying spells or spits up a lot, she has more of them. The pediatrician told me unless they change color then it really isn't a problem. I just keep her nose cleaned out because it makes it easier for her to breath.
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    You should use a humidifier and air purifiers. Your baby could just have mad allergies. Ethan, my husband, and myself have terrible allergies.
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    Squirt some BM in his nose
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    I asked lil' bebe's doctor for saline. Does wonders. But it does make her throw up if I squirt it up her nose right after she eats.

    She's had a really bad cold for the past week... not a whole lot I can do but suction and wait it out.
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    Saline and a humidifier helped DS a ton (he had a horrible stuffy nose), until he got a cold last week

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